Full name: Sludge-Queen Anaesthesia
Pronunciation: an-əs-THEE-zee-ə
Gender: Female
Species: Boggrout
Height: 2.45 m
Mass: 451.5 kg
Homeworld: Gunkmire
Birthplace: Silt Palace, Gunkmire
Occupation: Queen regnant



Anaesthesia is a boggrout from the planet Gunkmire. Even for the most optimistic traveller, it's a terrible place with nothing to offer but stinking swamps, thick, marshy jungles, and vast, rocky wastelands. Sunlight fails for the most part to penetrate the ghastly, heavy green smog which thickly permeates this planet's atmosphere. As a result, the creatures that live there have been forced to adapt for survival in the darkness, just as they have adapted to survive despite the planet's scant natural resources. Dependable food sources are limited, and its peasants are too hungry and weak to work the land. Slaves are imported to work in their stead but they're no better, being susceptible to the rampant diseases to which boggrouts themselves are immune.

The one, solitary creature on Gunkmire who has not been forced to go without is Anaesthesia, the almighty Sludge-Queen who governs her planet, its colonies and its people with an oozing, iron fist. Known for her cruelty, her malice, and her love of food, there should be no doubt that the Sludge-Queen Anaesthesia is one of the most wicked, indomitable forces in all the galaxy and beyond. Born into comfort between the walls of the Silt Palace, she had everything she could have wanted – yet it was not enough. Her sister, Amnesia, took the crown after the passing of their mother, Septicaemia. When her jealousy become too much to handle, Amnesia suddenly died in mysterious circumstances. Anaesthesia's been the Sludge-Queen ever since.


Beauty is everything to the image-conscious Anaesthesia. She is selfish and narcissistic, and is monstrously jealous of others. She feels threatened by other females, especially those who have found love when she cannot. She longs to remain forever beautiful, and is desperate to enjoy everlasting youth. Of Gunkmire's forty-hour days, she idly sleeps up to thirty-two of them away, tucked cosily in her bed. She leaves the administration of her planet and its colonies to Pestidia. The Queen has absolutely no interest in managing its affairs and lives only to reap the benefits that come with her various titles. She knows that rest is the key to a beautiful and youthful life, and spends as much time in bed as possible.

There's nobody in the galaxy who throws tantrums like Anaesthesia. Her freak, violent outbursts can start at any moment without notice and do not end until everything within reach has been smashed and torn into pieces. She turns on her loyal staff whenever she is distressed or hungry, and Pestidia, her loyal advisor and assistant, has been struck down at the hands of the Sludge-Queen more than most. She's destructive and violent, and loves to assault all who cannot fight back. Nobody at the Silt Palace is brave or stupid enough to stand up to her, because nobody is foolish enough to make an enemy of the Sludge-Queen. Almost all of her staff suffer crippling anxiety – spare for her chef, Bromós, who processes the tension by spitting in her meals instead.

Physical appearance

Nobody considers the boggrouts of Gunkmire an attractive race, but the Sludge-Queen in particular is renowned for her extraordinary ugliness. Her head is enormous and bald. She has fizzing and lizard-like eyes, pouting and billowing lips, and an epic tongue which swirls about in her mouth and drools thick slime. Her body is monstrously obese. Even though the boggrouts are typically quite lightweight, the Sludge-Queen herself weighs over four hundred and fifty kilograms. She just about manages to squeeze herself into her plush dresses – usually with the help of Pestidia – which are almost always purple in colour.

She inexplicably lists herself amongst the greatest beauties of the galaxy, and, when she can spare a few precious moments from eating, is often found in her bed chamber, admiring her looks in the mirror. She wears the infamous golden crown of the many Sludge-Kings and Queens before her, and loves gemstones and gold. Her slimy fingers are weighted by heavy rings, and her razor-sharp fingernails are painted purple. She adores beautifying herself with makeup, and covers her monstrous face thickly in deep purple mascaras and lipsticks. If only looks could kill, she believes, then the galaxy's every last man would fall down dead before her.

Skills and abilities

What Anaesthesia lacks in skills and talents, she makes up for with her indomitable desire to manipulate, control and crush everybody in her path. Whilst her violent temper and wild emotions can be disadvantageous, particularly in her conquest to find a king, she is monstrously deceptive. She enjoys spreading vile, poisonous misinformation and spinning intricate webs of lies. This, coupled with the fact that almost everybody in the Silt Palace and beyond fears her, means she rarely struggles to get what she wants… and there is so much that she wants. Furthermore, her vast fortune empowers her to simply buy whatever she cannot take.

Anaesthesia revels in suffering and death. She sends her enemies to the pot to be boiled, or she pays bounty hunters to kill them for her. It's clean, it's efficient, and she doesn't have to get her filthy hands any dirtier. She does, however, have one talent of her own. Her knowledge of poisons may be rudimentary, but those that she is versed in are some of the deadliest, most horrific poisons in the galaxy. She even knows of poisons that will kill even her fellow boggrout – a species naturally immune to almost every poison and virus. Poisoning is what she turns to when somebody must die suddenly, and when absolutely nobody must know why.