Full name: Checkers
Pronunciation: CHEK-ərz
Gender: Male
Height: 1.25 m
Mass: 19.5 kg
Homeworld: Astradeia
Birthplace: Flintlock, Astradeia
Occupation: Wanted outlaw
Love interest: Draughts
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Checkers – an outlaw of unknown race, believed to have come from the planet Astradeia – is one of the galaxy's most wanted criminals. Operating alongside his girlfriend and partner-in-crime, Draughts, the pair are infamous all across space for their elaborate heists and for their spree of crime which has lasted a generation. The galaxy may be changing, and elite cyber criminals like Game-on may be the new black, but Checkers and Draughts? They've been on top of their game for years. They're old school.

As the brains of the operation, it's Checkers who sets up the heists and ensures that there's always an escape. He's got a brilliant mind, and he's good with machinery. If he weren't an outlaw, he'd probably have become an engineer.


The press depicts Checkers as a ruthless and calculating killer, and someone who is to be avoided by the public at all costs. There's a bounty on his head worth millions, and that's just for information leading to his capture. Alongside Draughts, he's considered both dangerous and deranged. Checkers himself thinks this is an unfair assessment. If you ask him, he's actually quite the charmer once you get to know him. His manners are impeccable, and he has a taste for the finer things in life. The media think him a maniac, but he'd sooner shake your hand than gut you – just as long as you don't get in his way.

Checkers is fiercely devoted to Draughts, his long-time girlfriend. There's nothing he won't do for her. She fell into a life of crime years before he did, but now he's just as bad an influence on her as she is on him. He's a pyromaniac. Fire is his calling card. He was born and raised on Astradeia, but he doesn't miss the long winters and cold nights. Kona's the place for him, and he'd love to retire there with Draughts when he finally hangs up his flamethrower.

Physical appearance

Like Draughts, Checkers gained a new body at some point in his life when he donned his now-infamous white mask. Nobody knows how they obtained these masks, but it was certainly before they become notorious criminals. Nobody appears to know their true identities. Both are of the same height and build, although Checkers is primarily white whilst Draughts is predominantly black.

In terms of what he wears, Checkers appears old-fashioned. He wears black boots and gloves, as well as a bowtie and a stovepipe hat. His get-up may look basic, but looks can be deceiving – there's more to that hat than meets the eye.

Skills and abilities

Contrary to the way he's depicted in popular culture, Checkers is not quite the deranged, psychopathic killer he's presumed to be. He's got his head screwed on just fine, and he's highly competent as both an engineer and a tactician. He likes to study and dismantle unfamiliar machinery and enjoys tinkering with objects (even things like hats and empty perfume bottles) to create his deadly arsenal of weaponry. In a parallel universe he could have been an inventor or scientist, and he probably would've been successful.

When it comes to heists, Checkers' preferred approach is to get in and out, unseen, with minimal fuss and collateral damage. He's a fast draw and a notorious duellist, but he prefers to at least try and solve disputes with his words first. In this, he's often at odds with Draughts, who prefers to speak with gunfire. They've been at it for years and still can't come to an agreement, and so the result is often a bit of both. It's not always ideal, but they're certainly doing something right. They've been at large for a long time, after all, and they're still out there somewhere.