Full name: Draughts
Pronunciation: DRAWTZ
Gender: Female
Height: 1.25 m
Mass: 19.5 kg
Homeworld: Astradeia
Birthplace: Flintlock, Astradeia
Occupation: Wanted outlaw
Love interest: Checkers
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Draughts is an outlaw of largely unknown origins, believed to have come from Astradeia, an icy planet located in the galaxy's outer rim. Together with her boyfriend and partner-in-crime, Checkers, she is one of the galaxy's most wanted criminals, with a bounty on her head worth millions. Unlike her boyfriend – a self-described polymath and gentleman of crime – Draughts has no delusions of grandeur. She isn't in this game for money nor glory. She's in it for sport.

If Checkers is the brains of the operation, then Draughts is the brawn. She's certainly the leader. If it weren't for Draughts, Checkers may never have become a criminal at all. She's a temptress and a loose cannon, and not someone to be reasoned with.


Whereas Checkers disagrees with the way he’s represented in the media, Draughts is every bit the deranged psychopath she's thought to be. She's the firefighting gun moll to Checkers' calm and composed persona. She thinks nothing of the feelings of others, and everyone but her boyfriend is expendable in her eyes. She's impatient and prefers the 'all guns blazing' approach when it comes to a job. She's a highly capable sneak, but what she craves is action and the excitement of a risky escape. She struggles to express it, but she loves Checkers and would be lost without him.

Draughts grew up poor and spent her childhood in workhouses or on the streets. In Checkers she saw safety and comfort, and she latched onto him as a barnacle clings to a whale. He grew up comfortable and had a life brimming with opportunity. He could have been the one to save her. Instead – proving that a leopard can't change its spots – Draughts let him follow her down a darker path. She never needed saving. She found safety and comfort to be boring. In the end, it was Draughts who saved Checkers.

Physical appearance

Draughts' old body, malnourished and weak, was discarded for a new one the day she donned the now-infamous black mask. Her true identity is unknown, for the planet Astradeia don't keep records of the poor. Although Checkers and Draughts are of equal height and build, there are physical differences between the pair. Whilst Checkers' body is predominantly white, Draughts' body is primarily jet black, and a natural fit for the shadows.

She's materialistic and likes the idea of glamour and high society. Her typical get-up consists of white gloves, white boots, and a small white hat, but that’s for practical reasons. She knows how to dress for the occasion, and her looks – when she wants them to be – are killer.

Skills and abilities

She may not look it, but Draughts is tough. She's also very agile and she knows how to handle herself in a fight. She's an exceptional gunfighter, but brawling is what she knows best. On the streets of Astradeia, you either learn to fight or go hungry, and Draughts wasn't prepared to starve. It's been a long time since she was poor, but she still packs a mean punch. She's swift, and she's just as good at getting out of trouble as she is at getting into it. Sometimes the old-fashioned ways are the best.

Draughts was far from pretty growing up – always dirty and unkempt, forever looking like she'd been dragged through a bush – but glamour happened to fit her like a glove. She's a deceiver and a seductress, and she knows how to use her looks to get what she wants, especially from red-blooded males. But the ones who overstep? They get her gun.