Full name: Game-on
Pronunciation: GAYM-on
Gender: Male
Height: 171 cm
Mass: 209.1 kg
Occupation: Esports athlete/streamer
Cyber terrorist



Game-on is the online alias of a popular gamer and streamer from the planet New Triton. Widely considered the biggest name in esports entertainment, Game-on has won numerous tournaments and attracted sponsorships from big businesses all around the galaxy. He's overcome sleep, instead relying on energy drinks which empower him to play games and hone his craft all day, every day – at the expense of his lovely girlfriend, who works multiple jobs to sustain him and his electric bill.

Unknown to the general public, Game-on is also an elite cyber terrorist who makes millions anonymously holding the galaxy's biggest companies to ransom. He keeps his funds in carefully-hidden accounts, leaving his girlfriend – and the law – none the wiser.


On his streams, Game-on comes across as the epitome of cool. He's attracted an enormous cult following not just for his mighty gaming prowess, but also his dark humour, his explosive rants, and even his popular 'Game-on reacts' series. Nobody's discovered his true identity nor what he looks like, and he receives fan mail from children all around the galaxy who dream of being just like him. He takes great pleasure in starting 'wars' with other streamers, and his (mostly very young) subscribers are quick to follow suit. Considering his demographic, Game-on's morals leave a lot to be desired. He works with sponsors to deliver his popular content, mostly in the businesses of gambling and narcotics.

Off-stream, he's a nasty piece of work. He has a girlfriend with whom he shares an apartment, but he doesn't treat her like one. He's vile and selfish, and he does absolutely nothing to contribute. She's his surrogate mother, cleaning up after him and working multiple jobs to pay the rent so that he can play his games undisturbed. His sponsorships and investments have made him rich, yet his poor girlfriend doesn't have a clue.

Physical appearance

Years of scarfing down junk food have evidently taken their toll on Game-on's mortal shell. He struggles to support his own body weight, choosing instead to confine himself to his faux leather gaming chair. His addiction to sugar cost him an arm, which he replaced with an electronic prosthetic. Naturally, he's since augmented this with a built-in gaming controller. He can manipulate this with his mind, eliminating the need for clunky handheld devices and improving his reflexes tenfold. The helmet on his head provides him with data at a glance, helping him keep one eye on his games and the other on the stock market.

His girlfriend washes his clothes when she's allowed to, but Game-on's happy to go weeks between washes. He complains that he finds trousers uncomfortable, so he never wears them. He lets his girlfriend shave him – provided she doesn't get in the way of the screen – but she can't get to his neck and so he leaves it unshaven.

Skills and abilities

Game-on isn't just a skilled gamer – he's the best in the business. Companies queue up to offer him lucrative sponsorship deals just for the occasional name drop on one of his popular streams, and he's the incumbent holder of numerous world records. To this day he remains undefeated in just about any game he's ever played. Gamers around the galaxy all dream of being the one to take him down. Nobody knows his true identity – he's never even done a face reveal – but everyone's heard of his online alias. He guzzles energy drinks constantly, and sleeps for only a single hour at a time.

What people don't know about Game-on is that he moonlights as an elite cyber terrorist. He operates anonymously, in ways that make him impossible to trace, hacking the galaxy's most profitable companies and holding them to ransom for money. As if that and his sponsorships weren't enough, he invests heavily on the stock market, giving his investments a little 'encouragement' by causing trouble for their competitors. It goes without saying that Game-on's very rich, but even he doesn't know how big a pile of gold he's sitting on. Wealth is just a game to him, and he's happy mooching off his girlfriend and her one-bedroom apartment.