Full name: Franz Goldsmith
Pronunciation: FRANZ GOLD-smith
Gender: Male
Height: 1.97 m
Mass: 185 kg
Homeworld: Astradeia
Occupation: Business tycoon
Crime boss
Former adventurer



Franz Goldsmith is a rich and powerful businessman from the planet Astradeia. As both director and majority shareholder of Goldsmith Intergalactic, and also a retired former adventurer and relic hunter, he is by and far the wealthiest individual in the galaxy. With his portfolio of lucrative and wide-ranging investments, he earns more in a single day than the gross domestic product of most planets. Known for his reputation as a fierce, no-nonsense industrialist with an eye for opportunity, there's nobody who knows business half as well as Goldsmith.

Now semi-retired, at least from the public eye, Franz Goldsmith lives a life of solitude on his estate in Astradeia's frozen north. Beyond hosting lavish poker tournaments for his wealthy peers, and his penchant for illegal duneracer breeding (to which his friends in the government turn a blind eye), it isn't really known what he gets up to up there, all alone with all that money.