Full name: Hoppers
Pronunciation: HOP-ərz
Gender: Male
Species: Kuparkuke
Height: 1.09 m
Mass: 28.6 kg
Homeworld: Fungaia
Birthplace: Enoki, Fungaia
Occupation: Freelance adventurer
Former search and rescue
Friends and allies Enemies



Hoppers is a yellow kuparkuke from the planet Fungaia, and a proud member of the Enoki tribe. He defended his tribe from the perils of the fungal forest for years, as its friendly search and rescue worker. Never once in his career did he lose a kuparkuke – until the day he lost three, all in one go. That was when he left everything behind – his friends, his tribe, his planet, the lot – to find them, and maybe find himself in the process.

His mission is simple: to track down the kuparkuke abductees, wherever they are, and return them safely home to Fungaia. But sinister things are beginning to happen across the galaxy, and things are about to get a whole lot weirder.


Kuparkukes are an unusual species in all sorts of ways, but one of the most baffling things about them is how the colours of their coats reflect their personalities. Hoppers is yellow-coated, and this – according to kuparkuke physiology – makes him happy. He loves what he does, he couldn't be more satisfied with his life and his relationships, and he's got a strong sense of purpose that guides him in everything he does. He's even got the sort of aura that makes others brighten up just for being near him. He's a natural leader, and a great and loyal friend to those who put their faith in him.

Of course, perpetual happiness has to come at a cost. He's often caught avoiding the negative things in life – like the things he's afraid to fail, and those pesky conversations about 'feelings' and the like. Back home on Fungaia, this was a frequent source of annoyance for Kupette in particular, who'd been trying to have serious discussions with Hoppers for years. In the end he decided he'd prefer to be off on some perilous adventure, setting him apart from other kuparkukes who typically prefer their lives quiet.

Physical appearance

Hoppers is a kuparkuke, yellow-coated and blue-eyed. If you don't count the ears, he's a little over a metre tall. If you do, then he stacks up to more than two. Nobody knows why, but his ears are unusually large, even by kuparkuke standards. He's skinny but agile, and he knows how to move quickly. And who could forget his trademark smile?

He doesn't wear a lot – the fur negates much of the need for clothing. He's normally attired in his white gloves, his blue boots, his orange ear band, and his lucky red bandana, but he's a snappy and resourceful dresser when he needs to be, too.

Skills and abilities

Hoppers' cheery and optimistic nature make him a solid leader. He's someone for others to rally around when things get tough. Back home on Fungaia, he's a popular guy with a lot of friends. Most of the tribe were disappointed when he left for outer space, because he'd been tipped as their next chief. Never one to give up on the people he cares about, though, he's currently putting his charisma to use in the wider galaxy instead, hoping to find the kuparkukes that the rest of the tribe called a lost cause.

The kuparkuke's sharp senses and quick wit have also made him a very competent pilot and marksman. These are undoubtedly skills which have saved his yellow hide many a time out in the deadly void of space!