Full name: Prince Litandle
Pronunciation: li-TAND-əl
Gender: Male
Height: 1.26 m
Mass: 35.1 kg
Homeworld: Allumer
Occupation: Heir apparent
Friends and allies



Litandle is a prince of Allumer, and the heir of King Waxworth. Allumer is a planet steeped in tradition, with a rich and lengthy history. Its royal house have kept the flaming throne burning for thousands of years, producing many great and powerful rulers along the way, making them one of the galaxy's oldest houses. Litandle, Waxworth's heir, is shaped in a different mould to the king, and all the kings before him by all accounts. He's not interested in power, and he doesn't want to rule over his people. He considers the flaming throne a curse. He wants only the freedom to forge his own destiny and to live, laugh, and love.

For too long, Allumer has been stuck in the old ways. Its people cry out for change, yet no change comes under the rule of Waxworth and his queen, Candela. Across the galaxy, Emperor Kokytos' dominion spreads like wildfire. Elsewhere, great rulers cede their power to kneel before Empress Nebuella. Where these empires go, they spread revolutionary ideas for trade, commerce, learning, governance, and communication to new planets – but Allumer is not like other planets. With Waxworth's light over his people waning, Litandle may be Allumer's only hope. If he doesn't take up the throne, Allumer may fall into darkness forever.