Full name: Magica
Pronunciation: MA-ji-kə
Gender: Female
Species: Rabika
Height: 1.69 m
Mass: 48.5 kg
Homeworld: Hocopoco
Occupation: Freelance adventurer



Magica, from the plant Hocopoco, is a female rabika. They are an ancient, rabbit-like race widely known for their intellect, and they have a proud history of producing great scientists, authors, historians, philosophers, and sorcerers. Magical blood courses through every rabika, but – peculiarly – only the females can control it. As the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter (of a seventh daughter, etc.), and the great-great-granddaughter of Dracora, the legendary clairvoyant, Magica ought to be well on her way to glory, right?

Well, not exactly. She worked for years to claw her way out of the travelling carnival she grew up on, and for what? A 'minor misunderstanding' got her exiled from Hocopoco and – worse – thrown out of her dream school. And now she's all alone, a nobody trying to find her way in outer space.


Before getting herself exiled from Hocopoco, Magica had the world at her feet. A supremely talented sorceress in the making, she above all others was destined for greatness. She was deeply ashamed of her past, growing up on a travelling carnival, but her acceptance into the Hocopoco Institute was her chance to reinvent herself. Magica was so certain she was going to be running that school someday, she couldn't help but smirk whenever her professors thought themselves cleverer. Then she lost everything and was furious. The nerve of them! Exiling the great and powerful Magica…

She may be very arrogant, but Magica does have a soft side – even if she rarely shows it. She loves to share what she knows and, when her head isn't buried in a book, she's an attentive listener and a wise friend. She and Hoppers have a complicated history, and – although they're enemies now – they've been something close to allies in the past. She's generous with her time, and she's definitely not materialistic. In fact, she's perfectly happy to provide her services for free.

It's just unfortunate that, for all she shares with Hoppers, Magica is driven by an insatiable lust for power.

Physical appearance

As a rabika, Magica is a humanoid with large floppy ears and a bushy tail. Her fur is short and white, her eyes are blue, and her hair and tail are pink. Her snout is protruding, and her teeth are bucked. She's slightly tall by rabika standards, and she's also very skinny – but that's rarely a hindrance to a sorceress as powerful as Magica.

She owns a wide variety of outfits fitted for all the situations she's likely to find herself in, but her favourite consists of a red top, black skirt, suspenders, and a top hat. And you wouldn't believe the sorts of things she can pull out of that…

Skills and abilities

As a female rabika, Magica is blessed with an innate ability to harness and control the magic that imbues her blood – but her talents go far deeper than that. Magica is an extremely capable magician, and a dangerous one at that. She's got spells up her sleeve for every occasion, and she knows how and when to use them. Some of them are perfectly harmless, but some are downright lethal. It'd be wise not to upset someone who has the power to level a small town with a mere flick of her wand.

All spells aside, she's just generally intelligent. She's got a big mind, capable of storing pretty much all the information she wants, and – if she doesn't know something – she always knows which book to study.