Mr Evil
Mr Evil
Full name: Mr Evil
Pronunciation: EE-vil
Gender: Male
Height: 0.54 m
Mass: 17.1 kg
Homeworld: Brunsun
Occupation: Criminal mastermind
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Mr Evil


Mr Evil is a minor crime lord from the planet Brunsun. He's the director and owner of Evil & Sons, a business which operates as a front for his sinister activities. If someone's up to no good in Burner Town, Mr Evil's normally involved – and if he isn't, you can bet he'll be looking for a piece of the action. He also runs Evil's Bar and Distillery, a seedy watering hole located in the filthiest, most dangerous part of town. This establishment attracts the worst kinds of patrons – the uttermost dregs of society, most of them fresh out of maximum security prisons – but they're exactly the sort of company Mr Evil enjoys.

Whether apperant or not, every 'villain' has their reasons. Some had tough upbringings, and are struggling to find their places in society. Others require help, but are unable to access mental health provisions. Some hunger for money, or power, and will stop at nothing to get their hands on it. But this guy? He's evil, pure and simple – and he likes to make sure people know it.


Seated behind his black, faux-leather desk, Mr Evil is a cigar-chomping, self-serving supervillain who will stop at nothing to seize control of outer space and proclaim himself evil overlord of all the galaxies in the known universe. As the founder and chairman of the Intergalactic League of Criminal Masterminds and Supervillains (which is just himself at the moment, though he is actively recruiting), the megalomaniac Mr Evil is surely a force to be reckoned with for any would-be hero wishing to protect the innocent from his unrelenting wrath.

But not really. A try-hard, wannabe supervillain of the highest order, Mr Evil has dedicated his existence to evil itself, in all its diabolical forms. Whether it's offering an evil biscuit from the evil cookie jar, sipping evil tea from the evil kitty mug, preparing himself an evil sandwich with evil between every slice, or just taking an evil nap in his evil, twin-size bed, absolutely everything that Mr Evil does is evil. He is desperate to have himself taken seriously as one of the universe's most ruthless, powerful and insane villains, and he will do just about anything he can to prove himself. Now, if he could just be the one to kill Hoppers

Physical appearance

They say big things come in small packages, and nobody exemplifies this better than Mr Evil. The pint-sized crime lord, who openly calls himself the 'evillest man in the galaxy', stands at just a little over half a metre tall. His portly figure is round and wide, but he's light enough to lift even for the likes of Hoppers, so he doesn't pose much of a physical threat to... well, anyone. He knows this all too well, which is why he relies on hired muscle to do his dirty work.

Mr Evil's tiny body is covered in a coat of white fur, which is particularly thick in the clumps at his cheeks. It keeps him warm enough, but he wears a waistcoat and tie anyway to show everyone he means business. He completes the look by smoking cigars nearly as large as his head, and he's often accompanied by his one-eyed, six-legged feline companion, Sir Luftwaffe.

Skills and abilities

Being just a little over half a metre tall (about a foot and a half, for those of you more familiar with the imperial system), Mr Evil lacks the physical capabilities that come with a taller stature. He isn't strong, he isn't imposing, and he isn't scaring anybody. He carries a full arsenel of weapons, mainly machine guns – all custom-built and extra-light, to fit his tiny, pudgy hands – but he's a terrible shot. Nevertheless, he revels in blasting his guns at his enemies and laughing as they dance to avoid his dreadfully-aimed hail of bullets. The Evil & Sons coffers are often spent having those who upset him beaten by hired bullies and thugs.

Despite his miniature proportions, Mr Evil has no shortage of ambition. He's been at his game for a long time, and Brunsun's become too small of a playground for his grand schemes. He's already making waves in the world of intergalactic crime, dabbling in whatever wicked and odious things come to mind. For Mr Evil, there's no crime too big or small. Once Perkins starts taking him seriously, he'll be ready to lay claim to Burner Town. Once in charge of the city, he'll be in a prime tactical position to conquer Brunsun, before lastly laying siege to the galaxy itself. Then, finally, every man, woman and child shall eat from his hands, and pray at his feet.