Checkers & Draughts
Checkers and Draughts
Full name: Checkers & Draughts
Type: Crime

Checkers & Draughts


Checkers and Draughts are a pair of outlaws from the planet Astradeia. Known for their grand heists and diabolical reputations, they are today jointly the most wanted thieves in the galaxy. Checkers is cool and conniving and serves the operation as its brains. Draughts is tough as nails and lives up to her reputation as a pistol-wielding gun moll. They've been at the top of their game for years, but they're not ready to hang up their gloves just yet. With modern spacefaring technology, the explorable galaxy is expanding at an unprecedented rate – and there's no shortage of treasure to be claimed.

Checkers and Draughts are a couple, fiercely devoted to one another and madly in love. Each is enthralled by the other, passionately united by the thrill of adventure and the dangers they jointly face.